Welcome and thank you for visiting Blue Raiders Kennels. We are a small family owned and ran Blue nose bully Pitbull kennel in the Austin Texas area. At Blue Raiders our goal is to produce correct blue nose American Pitbull Terriers both in structure and drive.


Whether you are looking for a friendly pitbull companion or to expand on an already existent program we have it for you. All of our Blue Nose Pitbulls come from some of the best and most recognized bloodlines there is, a lot of research is done before adding a new member to our kennel's family to ensure good genetics are maintained as well as to have a well tempered Pitbull. All of our Blue Pits are raised as part of not only a kennel program but as family members as well, they are all raised with love and care from the whole family. Simply put we would not trust an aggressive dog around our children and we wouldn't expect no one else to do that either. Our dogs are raised to be confident and assertive yet be loyal and loving companions. Proper nutrition is key to our dogs overall health and disposition, we feed our dogs high quality dog food along with high quality human grade foods to maintain good energy and good overall health with impressive mass structure and it show's in the appearance of our Pit Bulls.

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 ...Updated 5/January/2014...

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 Our goal as a kennel here at Blue Raiders is to produce Blue Pitbulls with top qualities that exceed the standard and turn heads every time they are seen. We pride ourselves in educating the public to eliminate all stereotypes the breed has been mistakenly associated with like not being considered as a good pet companion due to irresponsible owners. Our pits have excellent temperament, health, loyalty, drive and intelligence to please any owner and provide a lifetime of unconditional companionship. We have big plans for the future of our Blue Raiders Kennels Family and only breed our dogs to produce better quality Pitbulls than the ancestors, after all it is our priority to help better the breed by enhancing good traits and most importantly temperament. If you're interested in buying a puppy off of one of our breedings or any info on future breedings and future plans please feel free check out our breedings and puppies page for more info.

** No Dogs will be sold for Illegal Purposes **

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